Project Character Art (PCA) is a project where members of this wiki make pictures of roleplay cats to post on their character articles.

Please ask on the talkpage to join. You cannot add yourself.


Leader: Fawny


Senior Warriors:


Apprentices: Ash, Echo, Zorth, Blackclaw09



28/07/2010: PCA has been founded. Good luck to all of the project members! --Fawny Keep on Smiling :D 15:29, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

29/07/2010: Fawny has been voted as PCA leader. She will decide the deputy when we have some art approved. --Fawny Keep on Smiling :D 14:56, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

Reserving An ImageEdit

Please use this system of abbreviations after your cat's name to avoid duplicate images. You have 2 weeks to put your image up for approval, or else your reservation will be removed.

Warrior = W Medicine Cat = MC Deputy = D BloodClan Warrior = BC Prey-Hunter = PH Apprentice = A Queen = Q Leader = L Kit = K

User Name Character 1 Date Reserved Character 2 Date Reserved Character 3 Date Reserved
Fawny Warrior Blanks 29/07/2010 Deputy Blanks 29/07/2010 Medicine Cat Blanks 29/07/02010
Ash None None None None None None
Echo None None None None None None
Zorth Kit blanks 8/25/10 None None None None


Warriors of the Forest: Project Character Art/Character Art Tutorials

Warriors of the Forest: Project Character Art/Needed Images

Warriors of the Forest: Project Character Art/Approved Images


Needed BlanksEdit