Project Adoptables is a project which allows users to create smaller images of their roleplays. Moving up a rank and unlocking new adoptables is based on the activeness of a member, attitude and relationship with other members of the wiki.


Head: Fawny

Advanced: None

Intermidete: None

Novice: None

Beginner: Ashclaw, Echoheart


Purpose of the ProjectEdit

The purpose of Project Adoptables is:

  1. To change the attitudes of members.
  2. To bring down the number of arguments happening and to prevent them before hand.

How to joinEdit

To join the project, just leave a message on the talk page with 'Join' as the title. Then just ask to join, and sign with four ~'s.

Colouring and BlanksEdit


Any user in the 'Intermidete' and above can create adoptable blanks. They must be small and cartoony. They do not have to have the correct atonomy of a cat.

Each user who makes blanks can create the entire set (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, Deputy, Leader and Elder).

When a user submits a blank they use the title 'Username-Rank Blank- For Approval'. The blank that is submitted is giving a rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), then user who fall under one of said categories can use them.


Beginners - Bronze

Novice - Silver

Intermediete - Gold

Advanced - Platinum

Head - All

Please note:

Using the appropriate blank, users must colour it according to the colour of a roleplay cat from the wiki. Someone might choose to do Hawkfang's warrior image, once the image is approved, it is added to the gallery.

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Fawny's Bronze BlanksEdit

If you are a beginner, you may use these blanks!