TumbleClan are a Clan of wild cats who live in the forest.

Prey: Mainly birds.

Strenghts: Excellent jumpers, thin and lithe. Have tough pads suited for rocky areas. Strong back legs.

Weaknesses: Can't swim and dislike marshy areas.

Clan Character: Tough, contented and shorter furred warriors. They enjoy being above the ground.

Warrios Series Clan: SkyClan

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28/07/2010: TumbleClan opens! The leader, deputy and medicine cats will be decided soon!



Duskstar- a glossy black she-cat with a white tipped tail and green eyes, roleplayed by Cloverheart17


Medicine Cat:

Woodtail-A brown tom with long dark brown tail and amber eyes, roleplayed by ashclaw


Morningfang- a tortiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, roleplayed by Frostyness

Falconwing- Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes and a light brown tail, roleplayed by Echoheart

Hollythorn- A silver tabby she-cat with piercing amber eyes, roleplayed by Cloverheart17

Sparrowfur-Light brown tabby tom with darker stripes and green eyes, rolepalyed by Ashclaw


Leafpaw- White she-cat with light brown tabby patches and green eyes, roleplayed by Echoheart

Gorsepaw- Tawny colored tom with dark brown splotches and deep blue eyes, roleplayed by Cloverheart17

Tawnypaw- Golden tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. Roleplayed by Fawny


Flowerheart- A ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes:Roleplayed by Frosty.


Cloudkit: Unkown

Firekit- a ginger tabby tom with green eyes: Roleplayed by Frosty

Heatherkit: Unkown


Dead TumbleClan Warriors: StarClanEdit

Dead TumbleClan Warriors: Dark ForestEdit


TumbleClan Chat: Roleplay here! If you don't fancy coming on the IRC, roleplay your character here!