The Journey is a page in which all events of Flamepaw and Flickerpaw's journey to save the Clans are listed, in 1st person.

Day 1

Flickerpaw's View

So, this morning me and Flamepaw started our journey. I hope Flarestar will be okay when we're gone. She seemed so devastated when we were battle training. I never wanted to leave when Firepaw fainted, I felt sorry for him. I really wanted to stay and help him, but clan comes before kin and anyway we had to.

We were walking out of ShellClan territory when Flamepaw gasped. I was wondering what had happened when she told me. " 'Go to the jagged rocks. There you will find what you need.' " That night, I recieved a dream and it showed me to get there, we need to follow a river.

Flamepaw's View

Today, me and Flickerpaw set off on our joureny. Flarestar and Scorchfur will be so upset we left without saying good-bye, but Firepaw was cross about us getting the oppurtunity to travel, while he was to become evil. It tore my heart apart when he fainted, but if we had stayed, we wouldn't have left at all.

Well, we weren't far away from ShellClan territory when I saw some pointed stones on the floor. A voice whispered through the trees, it said 'Go to the jagged rocks. There you will find what you need.' I think it was a sign from StarClan. We decided to follow the river towards the moutains, becasue Flickerpaw recived a dream.