Cats listed for CleanUp

Hawkfang-ginger tabby she-cat with a large white tail and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Fawny Apprentice, Tallpaw

Darkclaw-Black tom with a V-shaped nick in his ear and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Zorth Apprentice, Reedpaw Swallowsong- A dark grey tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Clover Apprentice,Bluepaw

Eaglestorm- A dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Clover Apprentice, Swiftpaw

Queens: Whitetail- blue-grey she-cat with a white tail and blue eyes-Roleplayed by Echo Status: Expecting and Nursing

Tallpaw- Black and white tom with blue eyes - Roleplayed by Echo Mentor, Hawkfang

Reedpaw-A White tabby tom with bright blue eyes, Roleplayed by Zorth. Mentor, Darkclaw Spottedpaw- A dark ginger she-cat with small black splotches on her pelt and hazy green eyes. Roleplayed by Clover Mentor, Poppystar Swiftpaw- Softpaw- Stormpaw- Bluepaw-