This is an official Policy of Warriors of Forest Wikia.

Here are some rules for roleplaying!

Amount of Roleplays

You may have 1 leader, deputy and medicine cat in any Clan.

This avoids confusion.

Any user with more than 1 leader, deputy or medicine cat will be asked to deleted the least active cats.*

The limit to the number of roleplays is 15.

  • If you have any more than that, you can put them up for adoption.
  • If, after 4 days, you have not deleted the extra cats or put them in the Adoption Centre, you least active cats will be deleted. *

Time Spacings

  • From pregnant to giving birth: 4 weeks
  • From kit to apprentice: 6 weeks
  • From apprentice to warrior: 5 to 6 weeks
  • From Warrior to Elder: 1 year plus (Depends on injuries, blindness etc.)
  • Two Warriors to become Mates: 2 weeks

Giving Birth

  • The father ofthe kits must be present at the birth.
  • The largest litter is 4.
  • The mother's roleplayer will decide who roleplays the kits.

  • The queen must have been pregnant for 4 weeks.

Becoming an Apprentice

  • They must have a mentor.
  • Apprenticeship is 6 weeks.
  • Clan leader must perfrom the ceremony.

Becoming the Medicine Cat apprentice

  • Apprenticeship is 7-9 weeks.
  • Clan leader must perfrom the ceremony.
  • The cat must enjoy doing medicine cat duties.
  • A cat may be made MCA through a prophecy or sign.

Becoming a Warrior

  • They can have up to 7 apprentices in their life.
  • As soon as they are made a warrior, they can only live for a year and a half.

They can have a mate and kits.

  • Roleplayer can choose their cat's warrior name.

Becoming Deputy

  • Must've had a least one apprentice.
  • Mut be experienced.
  • Cannot become deputy through a prophecy.

Becoming Leader

  • Must've had 3 apprentices.
  • Cannot become leader through a prophecy.
  • A she-cat leader must not have kits while she is leader. Before is ok.


  • Least active cats is based on the history on their pages. The less history, the more inactivly roleplayed.

Other Rules

  • Please suggest rules on the talk page.