Affiliation: ShellClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Apprentice
Family: Mother: Flarestar
Father: Scorchfur
Sister: Flickerpaw
Brother: Firepaw
Mentor(s): None
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Fawny

Flamepaw is a beautiful flame colored orange tabby she-cat with sparkling emerald-green eyes. Bares a striking resemblence to her mother, Flarestar.


Flamepaw is a ShellClan apprentice. She is seen playing with Scorchfur and Firepaw.

He mentor is revealed to be Sparkclaw, the Clan deputy.

Flarestar tells Flamepaw and her sister Flickerpaw that they are part of a phrophecy. She is very calm and convinces Flickerpaw to accept it.

They speak to Dawnrise about herbs they will need to learn. She teaches them, and then they join Flarestar to battle train. She reveals that her sister was Pricklefang, a warrior who went on a trip to save the Clan, but died in the process.

When Firepaw attempts to stop Flamepaw and her sister, Flamepaw stays calm and ignores him, telling Flickerpaw they need to start the journey, and they head off.

She recives a sign from Skyheart, telling her that tey must head to the jagged moutains.

The PhrophecyEdit

The flickering flame will bring back the cats who can save the Clans, but the fire, may destory.

The Journey




Flarestar (Living) Father:

Scorchfur (Living) Sister:

Flickerpaw (Living) Brother:

Firepaw (Living)


Pricklefang (Deceased, Confirmed StarClan Member)