Affiliation: GrassClan
Past Affiliations: none
Rank: Warrior
Family: none
Mentor(s): none
Apprentices: none
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Zorth (talk)
Firepelt is a orange tom with a white stripe down his back and light brown eyes.

History Edit

He joins GrassClan. He makes a nest. Leopardheart gets angry at him, hits him into the Nursery, and hits him again when he gets up. Frostyness reveals that when she looks at Firepelt she sees Lionsmoke. Then she stops, and Firepelt asks why she attacked him. She doesn't answer, and offers to treat Firepelt's wounds. He asks her again, she says she can't tell him, he asks why, she says thats for me to know and you to never find out. A butterfly dances on Leapardheart's head, and Firepelt trys not to laugh. He does, and tells Leapardheart to look on her head. the butterfly goes away, comes back with another butterfly, who lands on Firepelt's head. They go to bed.