Affiliation: ThornClan
Past Affiliations: Loner
Rank: Warrior
Family: none
Mentor(s): none
Apprentices: Reedpaw
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Zorth (talk)
Darkclaw is a black tom with amber eyes and a V-shaped nick in one ear.


He comes from being a loner, and joins ThornClan. He eats while having a conversation with the leader, Poppystar. Then, he goes to make a bed in the warriors den, but on the way he meets Streamclaw. Poppystar tells him to have Graypaw do it, and Darkclaw meets him too. Then he goes on a patrol consisting of Streamclaw and Stonepath. They do hunting along the way (Darkclaw showing a special hunting technique).

He goes to sleep and has a dream about a river of bood, then screams and wakes everyone up. In the morning, he tells Graypaw about the dream and asks him if he thinks It is an omen. It is soon interpreted as an omen. Graypaw says that maybe they and ShellClan will battle by the rocky stream; Darkclaw says that he doesn't know why it would be sent to him. He faints, wakes up, tells Poppystar, who will tell Flarestar, leader of ShellClan. Graypaw faints again.

Poppystar holds a Clan Meeting. She gives him an apprentice, Reedpaw. He goes with Streamclaw to show Reedpaw the territory.